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Jennie Haleyson

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I am a professional writer who helps people write a resume. Many of us dream of finding a job that would bring not only income but also development as a person. It is difficult to take the first steps especially when you change the scope of employment (I recommend reading my article "Career change resume from nursing to customer service"). To help a person to be more confident in themselves there are such assistants as me. Preparing a resume can feel overwhelming. You may worry that your vocabulary is limited, your sentence structure wobbly, and your punctuation weak. You can get help with those basics to write a resume. As a writing professor, I have learned first-hand what 90% or more of my students need to understand most to become better writers. I have also learned what it's really like on the other side of the desk. Not only do I have personal experience as a teacher, but I have come to know many other writing professors from several different colleges who share my experience.

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